Friday, March 06, 2009

IF : Intricate


Patty said...

I love this illustration. Very cute

Fadas & C.ª said...

So cute! Very original draw! Love the paper you use.

PaintMonster said...

Thank you very much.
it may me;)

Fadas & C.ª
Thank you very much.
This paper is paper for the abandonment used for packing. However, because the pattern was interesting, I bound a book and made the sketchbook.

Duncan said...

lovely drawing.

Amy C said...

totally sweet

nidhi said...

i like your style! it reminds me of the drawings in shel silverstein's books :) awesome.

PaintMonster said...

Thanks, I'll keep posting!

Amy C
Thank you very much!

wowow it's best comment for me!!
thank you very much!!!


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