Saturday, April 11, 2009

#22 WorldWide SketchCrawl

Today was the day of #22 World Wide Sketch Crawl.
Our Sapporo Group also went to sketch.

Today is Fineday here. but too much cold and windy today!!!
We were walk around Sapporo Susukino area. it's old shopping place of Sapporo.

these are my take.
at first, I sketched in Subway.

This is one piece drawn in the meeting spot.

This is cool Manga cafe "ONIHEI CAFE"

This is Fish Shop "SHITAMACHI WOLF"

This place is old susukino town area

This is the place of "ODORI 4chome crossload"

after Sketch Crawl party, I went to Mongolian Art Show.
This is Bronze sculpture of Historical Mongolian arts "Bronze Deer"

This is an adornment of the crown.

and This is a native dress of Mongolia where the adornment is gorgeous. It was clothes of Amidala of Star Wars.

Have a fun!


ilPiccioneGrasso said...

beautiful sketches! really expressive! ^^

PaintMonster said...

Thank you very much for the comment.
wow sounds good!!


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