Tuesday, March 12, 2013

‎"Doodle of early Morning" on Sale with Box Framing!

I'm doodling almost everyday. I don't know how many doodles. I have both day, no Doodling day and over 100 doodling day. However, I am continuing doodling for 20 years or more. Probably, total number of sheets amounts to over 80,000 of sheets.
Doodles this year was counted. They are 300 or more sheets as of March 12.


These days, I receive mail of the sales hope of my doodles frequently. Then, I decided to sell what put the print into the box frame and carried out the autograph sign.
Since my doodles are drawn on the small sketchbook, there are the crease and the corrected part of paper. They are printed after correction by CG.


+Doodle of early Morning
-Size: 5" x 7"
-Frame: Wooden Box Frame
-Price: each 40 USD (S&H is required) with PAYPAL

How to Order?
Please Email or Message to me with "Date of doodle" or "8 digit (ex 20130312)"
It ships in about one week after a payment check.

and You can see my archive of doodles.
mARToon ( http://martyito.tumblr.com/ )

I'm waiting your happy order ;)
Professional Doodler Marty M Ito



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