Monday, May 01, 2006

Otaru Crawl

Hello Folks,
I went to OTARU CITY.
Otaru is a city of Hokkaido that is famous in a canal.

This is "TABACCO shop"
There was a small window in a Japanese tobacco shop and purchased a cigarette at the window.
There are few such shops recently.
tabacco shop
This is a lot of antennas and an apartment of the wall which cracked.
Since there are many apartments which have adopted the set antenna, there is little such scenery in recent years.
Moreover, Japan is a country with many earthquakes. The numerousness of the cracks of this building is serious.
Antenna apartment
When I saw sky, I found this Street Light.
The spiral design was very beautiful, and the portion of glass made the "float" consider and thought that it was an apt design to Otaru currently reflected in response to a marine benefit.
Street Light
This is "a moneylender's advertisement" often seen in the country town in Japan.
A wooden building and this wooden signboard exist like a set without knowing why.
I am an alley maniac.
If a thin dark alley is found, a photograph will surely be taken. And I like seeing the empty clipped by the building.
This place call to "HANAZONO" area.
There are not "Horizont and verticality" in this place!!
A countless electric wire is connected with a signboard and each is freely attached in the wall.
However, it is a place very interesting as a motif of a sketch.
Have a fun:)


Alina Chau said...

WOW!! THese are amazing sketches!! Beautiful!!

Goobeetsablog said...


Great sketches Marty!
Also I enjoyed the stories that went along with them- it really added something to them.

I need to try watercolors.
Really inspiring.


chacha said...

i love your beautiful sketches that really add life to the story you are telling. your lines and colors are just amazing! i love the one of the spiral lamppost! nice job. thanks for sharing!!

PaintMonster said...

Alina Chau
Thank you very much!!
Oh I forgot!
I will go to LA in July 19 to 31
for Sandiego Comic-con!
Would you meet me @ LA or Sandiego?

Thank you very much Brian!
wow I love watercolor painting!
when you draw watercolor one, please notify me!!

Thank you very much!!
Oh yes I like Spiral Lamppost too!!
It's really nice design!!

Chrissie A said...

Your sketches are just great! I enjoy your descriptions very much, as well.

This is my first visit, but I'll be back!

PaintMonster said...

Chrissie A
Hello, Nice to meet you!!
and Thank you for your coming!
I mainly go out for a sketch in a holiday.

Gerald said...

I really like the 2nd illo and how you left the area white to give the details of cracks in the wall. Nice sketches all around Marty!

PaintMonster said...

Hi, thanks
I used uni-ball SIGNO Erasable Gel.
I draw a line with this pen and delete a line of a pen with an eraser after having painted with a picture in watercolors.
more how to detail is...
PaintMonster JapaneseBlog.

(sorry, this is only Japanese, but you can see pictures)

seriousartstudent said...

Wow! Beautiful watercolors!

Makes me want to try them too!
Keep posting!


yugen said...

buenos dibujos


PaintMonster said...

Thank you very much!!
when you drew your watercolor take,
please notify me!!
I want to see!!

Thank you very much!
but ... I can't understand what you wrote!! hahaha
maybe... good work mean?
Gracias mucho!!!
Thank you!!


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