Saturday, May 20, 2006

"Baton Twirler" making report -Day 1-

I have work of sculpture besides work of an illustrator.
I published the report of the exhibition in which I participated by this Blog before.

However, since a sculptural manufacture process has not been reported, I think that I will carry the work report of the "baton twirler" under present work.

First, let's carry out the talk of the cause which makes the sculpture of this "baton twirler".
Miss Kristina Blalack gained the title of Miss Majorette of the Southeast in the U.S. southeast part baton-twirling convention held at the Georgia savanna city Armstrong Pacific university.
And the design of a character and a logo was requested from me by her as title acquisition commemoration.

At first, The sketch of a logo and a character...
There was a request "the girl who is doing baton twirling was main and the character of four leaves
and Good Luck AYOP 2006 and her name were arranged."
I watched the video of Kristina repeatedly and sketched one impressive pose.

The work which adjusted several times and was finally finished is this posing.
This design in which four happy leaves will overflow if this girl turns a baton was able to take out her fine atmosphere.
It seems that consequently, Kristina and the family were satisfied very much.
And I am the plan which sculptures this character and I'll sale at the collector shop or my online shop.

First, it is the work which deletes the section of a plastic stick to a semicircle.
This work is the preliminary work for determining direction of joint.

With an alcohol lamp, a plastic stick is warmed and it bends to the angle of an original illustration.

The frame of the part of a leg was made.
The portion of the waist needs to arrange an angle.

I make form with a plastic stick and poly putty this time.
As for poly putty, after hardening is easy to cut.
However, since the smell is tight, sufficient ventilation is required.

The part of the waist was attached.
The joint made with the plastic stick is under poly putty.

Similarly the part of the shoulder makes a core with a plastic stick.
The joint of the part of an arm is made easy to carry out by making this part.

And today's last work.....
Poly putty was added to the part of a leg.
Has the completed type appeared somehow?

To be continued
Have a fun!!


chacha said...

wow, i love seeing all the steps that goes into creating something as unique as this. i cant wait to see the finished project!! i love the colorful sketch randition as well!

Goobeetsablog said...


looking forward to seeing the finish
and more of the process.


Alina Chau said...

Oooh wow!! What an exciting little project!! Can't wait to see it finish!

PaintMonster said...

Thank you very much!!
hehehe yes.
when I take a sketch, I am always using red and blue pencil.

Thank you Brian.
Today, I made her head parts from pingpong ball :)

Alina Chau
Thank you!!
when it was finished,
I will sell it on my online store and sandiego comic-con:)


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