Sunday, August 17, 2008

Asakusa SketchCrawl

I visited to Asakusa of downtown Tokyo.
I like this town very much.

a)front of Shin-Nakamise Dori.

b)Toy Shop SAWADA.

c)Asakusa Nakamise Dori.

d)Obasan at Kaminari-Shokudo.

e)Oyako-Don(Chicken and Egg Bowl) at Kaminari-Shokudo.

f)Andon(street Light) at Dempoin-Dori.

g)Senbei-shop(Rice cracker shop) at Nakamise-Dori.

h)Kaminari-mon at Nakamise-Dori.


Gerald said...

Congrats on the Solo show Marty! I really love that last sketch at Nakamise-Dori. I love the scale of the girl walking and the huge top environment. That red just jumps off the page!!!

PaintMonster said...

Thank you very much!!!!
I'll perform Digital Live Drawing tomorrow and sunday.
and I'll update my video!

I like Asakusa very much.
it's really nice beautiful town!

Thanks again!!


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