Monday, September 08, 2008

The works of Marty M. Ito

Hi there,
My solo exhibition will be hold in Sapporo/Japan.

[This is Color side of Direct Mail (PostCard)]

[here is text side of Direct Mail (PostCard)]

as for this time, I did over 40 new original paints. and over 50 prints.
It's super hard work for me. hahaha
but I am glad if you are enjoying my arts.

My work exhibition has been hold in the gallery that exists on the 9th floor
of this Sapporo Mitsukoshi.

Sapporo Mitsukoshi is a famous department store with the tradition.
It became a big step-up for me.

[The works of Marty M. Ito]
date: 9-15 September 2008
place: Sapporo Mitsukoshi 9F

And, I will perform a live drawing.
13(sat) and 14(sun) 12:00 and 15:00
Moreover, the autograph and the talk session will be hold!!


marcello murru said...

auguri M.Ito.
Best of the best.

PaintMonster said...

marcello murru
Thank you very much!
I am glad!!!!!
and I am very tired now! hahahaa.

フロリダの風 said...

Thank you for sending us the card.
We enjoyed to see your arts.
Don said to tell you hello.
We are all fine here.
Thank you again.

Fabian said...

Your work goes beyond the limits of BEAUTIFUL!! Please stop!!

Love your work!
Hugs from Mexico,


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