Monday, September 15, 2008

My Solo Exhibition [Results]

Hi folks, How are you?
Sorry for not update this blog long time.
My solo exhibition was done with very popular and huge sale!

every day so many people came to my solo exhibition.
and "prints" were almost sold out.

Digital Live Drawing was demonstrated twice a day.
many people enjoyed my Digital Live Drawing.

WAO4 of my sketchbook was sold in the talk show and the autograph session.
It was almost sold out.

It seems also to decide the schedule of the next exhibition by the success in this work exhibition. The exhibition in Tokyo seems to be held by this.


Anthony Holden said...


Peter Pen said...

-- great for you! Congratulations!

And I have the honor to have sketch - framed by me - standing right in front of my desk!!!


r8r said...

great! congratulations!

PaintMonster said...

Anthony Holden
Thank you very much.
Yes, I was very excited!!

Peter Pen
Thank you very much.
I begin to draw the work for the next exhibition now.

Thank you very much!!!!

marcello murru said...

Looks complete great.
Happy for you.

Sistermoon said...

Felicidades por la exposición, seguro que fue un exito, que pena estar tan lejos!!!
Un saludo


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