Monday, September 07, 2009

Idea Doodling [pt.1]

Hello There, Long time!
so sorry for not update this blog...
as for me, I'm OK. but I still have little headache everyday...ummmm

I am doing some doodles for 2.5 dimensional artwork.

It deformed it for a moment too much. hehehe
Then, I sketched the cat. And, it drew comparatively by light deformation.

next, I doodled wood.
I think it is better for cartoonstyle for my artwork.

It's necessary to note it. because it becomes an image in space and the future if here is deformed too much!!

It this time thought about the town and the entire layout.
I want to draw that I felt comfortable wind in this artwork.

I decided to make 1/2 size miniature.
It's necessary to divide into some parts to make the work that feels depth.

The table, the chair, and the flower are arranged forward.
Therefore, it drew individually.

I think about some patterns as for the background.
Idea that person is walking here in front of big signboard of movie.

However, I will make "Town" that is an original idea a background.
Therefore, the idea in a few building was sketched.

I have not decided which painting materials to still adopt.
Doodle might be made a 2.5 dimensional as it's work.
It's necessary to test several times.
*The photograph of the miniature actually made will be published next time.



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