Saturday, September 19, 2009

World Wide Sketch Crawl

I participated in the sketch crawl.

We decided to sketch in the Maruyama zoo in Sapporo this time.
The admission fee is an adult 600 yen in this zoo, and Year Passport is 1,000 yen a year. Therefore, Year Passport is affordable when coming another times or more during year. Moreover, this zoo is in the place of about ten minutes from my studio.

This zoo is baby rush of Twins (Tiger, pola bear, snow lepard...) from last year.

Sapporo has already become the scenery of autumn. The next sketch crawl worries about whether it is possible to do in outdoor.

I sketched the animal after a long time. Because the animal is not quiet, easily it becomes training of the sketch.

This flying squirrel was moving about energetically in daytime.

These are my take...

It's a lesser panda that drew first. It's possible to be healed only by seeing. The tail seems to be terribly soft. I want to touch.

Apparently, the kangaroo seems to stand up when watching it. When I was going to sketch, everyone stood up.

Squirrel monkey's movement is very fast. Therefore, it was difficult to draw. However, they curious come to peep at the sketch when I am quietly drawing about five minutes in one place.

The monkey mountain can be seen from the rest place with the glass. The monkey can be terribly seen in the vicinity.

The giraffe is popular among children. A lot of children gathered and it sketched.

I see the tube top tapir's pattern.When the tapir is made animation, they are sure to wear the tube top. hahaha

The lion is sleeping well. However, it's active today. I drew the lion that was moving for the first time.

The most much crowding in this zoo is this snow leopard's corner. Twins is always playing each other. They are serious to draw them. Because movement are so quickly!!

Here is polar bear's Twins. He loves polyethylene tanks. He is the same also in water as this polyethylene tank.

There is these child crocodilians' booths when entering the reptiles pavilion. it's very cute for train kids alligators.

We are 8 peoples oprty this time. (with 2 kids)
Sapporo will become a cold season soon. Therefore, I will do a lot of sketches in autumn in outdoor.

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Julia Takagi said...

Those are beautiful... I miss sitting down and simply "sketiching"... but my two girls still won't let me. They can be like 2 powerpuff girls *lol*


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