Sunday, December 25, 2005

Day2 : Happy Holiday!

I wish happy christmas for you!!
I got many christmas present from Santa and Blalack family!!

and I experienced U.S. Christmas for the first time.

Thank you very very much Blalack Family!!
I love you!!


Ricardo Laventill said...


St John Street said...

great watercolour u have here super work

Giles said...

Wonderful images. I love that they spread across both pages.

Hope you have fun in the US and Happy New Year!

PaintMonster said...

Ricardo Laventill
Thank you very much!!

St John Street
wow sweet message!!

Thank you very much!!
I will move to NYC tohis evening.

"Maggie" said...

Your sketchbooks are really wonderful and I love the colors you added to the dinner sketches. I look forward to seeing more! Happy New Year! By the way... where did you find the hard covered sketch books? I carry what I call a utility sketchbook that goes with me everywhere but I like the way your opens for special sketching.

PaintMonster said...

Thank you very much for your sweet message!!
I bought hard cover sketchbook at Barnes & Noble.
my recommend hard cover sketchbook is Canson's 8x11.
or Moleskine's Large sketchbook.

Gerald said...

Oh, you got a Munny! Black one...nice. Do you have plans to paint it? I just started painting my first one...check it out on my Toys/Customs Link. hahahah. What kind of skateboard deck did you get? were very good for Christmas this year...hahaha.

PaintMonster said...

Thank you very much!!
wow cool! Kilbil munny!!
Are you using acrylics paints?
A color will be hard to be established if the paint for vinyl is not used.
If it uses it, mixing glue for vinyl in using acrylics paints, a color will be established firmly.

and about SkateBoard...
I got my Cousin's SK8 team model.
it's seems to Pickle!

poached salmon said...

You are my official water colour guru.
Very inspired to try carrying a sketch pad around and sketch everything I see.

Gerald said...

Hey Marty,

Yeah, I've been using acrylics. I wish I could just use spraypaint, but some colors I just won't use again. Acrylics seem good, But I may have to learn to sand it down for better results. Besides, I can use the left over acrylics for painting ^_^ Maybe enamel or car model paints would look better? Anyways just having fun.


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