Tuesday, December 06, 2005

DrawingDojo : Thinking

It became in December.
I looked back upon this year.
I got the friend of many overseas in this year.
Dozens of friends were especially able to be made in Los Angeles, the United States. Many friends were made in other areas, such as Europe.

I am talking to the friend of many overseas, and think that my own work can have rich color and expression.



miss Trop said...

I discover your blog, and like it much !
I just wonder... What is that DrawingDojo ?
An IllustrationFriday-like ?
Or a place just for you to draw...?

PaintMonster said...

miss Trop
Thank you very much!!
Drawing Dojo is one of board.
Two photographs are updated every week.
You illustrationize these photographs by interpretation of you.
Please see this link, if you get interested in DrawingDojo.
Drawing Dojo

miss Trop said...

thank you very much !
I will have a look there from time to time :)

Have a good day, and I hope to see more illustration from you in a short time ;)

PaintMonster said...

miss Trop
No Problem:)


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