Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Day3 : After Christmas

If Christmas finishes, preparation of the New Year will be started in Japan.
However, the U.S. New Year is just a weekday. not holiday!
However, the decoration of Christmas is left behind till the middle of January.

Today's breakfast which is the next day of Christmas ate turkey soup.

I like the logo design of overseas sauce and jam, pickle, and detergent.

I met Jose and Marybel. they are the graphic desiner of Miami.

Fort Lauderdale is beautiful place.
Jose and Marybel guided us.
Thank you very much!!


Maria Antunes said...

Wow, i love your travel book! Great work! Happy New Year! :-)

PaintMonster said...

Maria Antunes
Thank you very much!!
My America trip has still started just.
I am going to sketch every day.

Giles said...

Yes, your travel book is excellent! I really like the drawing of the labels from this series.

PaintMonster said...

Thank you very much!!
I am staying NYC now.
Ysterday, I went to SOHO area and KIDROBOT shop hahaha.

Giles said...

ooohh, kidrobot...*drools*

Have fun!

PaintMonster said...

Yes, really sweet it!!
so I went to KIDROBOT NYC 28/Dec!!


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