Wednesday, January 03, 2007

LA Trip : Day01- from Japan

We went out of home at 6AM. it's still dark...
And, the airplane that we had taken took off at 4:00PM.
I think that it snows little, and is a little warm in the winter of Sapporo of
this season.
The temperature of Tokyo was lower than that of the expectation. I was
I can't always sleep with the airplane.
because... I am always exciting!!
Therefore, a lot of drawings are always done.
However, the drawing is few because I slept in the airplane this time.

at first, I drew by Movie....

The airplane is a flight of eight hours. I had a lot of time.
I began to draw the storyboard of animation.

I arrived at the Los Angeles airport at 7 AM. and go to the metro by a free shuttle.

Los Angeles is.... too much cold this year!!
I should buy the jacket!!
It costs about 50 dollars when going from LAX to Hollywood by taxi.
However, when a free shuttle, the metro, and the bus are used, it costs only
3 dollars!!

I went to RadioShack for the deposit of prepaid cell phone.

This time, I choosed Econo Lodge Inn.
It's front of Guiter Center!!!
I like Rock music!!
and I am super excited by this hand mark!!


at night, we meet Mr. and Mrs. Paul davice(Sony Image).
I was very surprised! because The baby in Mrs. David is considerably growing!!
She said, "give birth next month." Waaao!!! congraturations!!!
we went to "BOSS SUSHI"
These sushis are greatly different from the style of Japan.
however, taste are good!

after sushi, we went to Paul's home with Alina Chau.
We enjoyed the sketch and the conversation of animation etc. till a late hour.
Thank you Paul, Celeste and Alina!

I will meet The MonkeyKing tomorrow. and we will go to his recommended comic store!!
have a fun!!

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