Friday, January 05, 2007

LA Trip : Day02- West Hollywood

We were very tired last night. then, we need only 3 second for into the dream.
Today is fine day!
but....super cold!!

Kiyo is still in the dream now.
This is my room of the hotel.
I have not seen the window of this type!!
The lock is not attached to this window.
our room is.... 1st floor!

TheMonkeyKing came to our room.
He became slim body!

at first, we went to Mel's Drive-In.
this shop was used by the movie of American Graffiti.
I like this old american style very much!!!

and we went to Melt Down of super cool comic store of Los Angeles.
I bought many books, T-shirts, characters....hahaha.

I like american ADS boards!!

and solid signboard.

Waaao big wall arts!

We went to Melrose.
at fiest, we visited toMonkey King.

We takes a rest in Starbucks.

and we went to bar in 4PM!!!!
hahaha vacation!!
We returned to the hotel around 8PM.

We take a dinner... hahaha It is chicken rice of the Campbell Soup.
This time,I bring to mini cooker. The water of the glass boils by about one minute.

Tomorrow is the Happy New Year Special Session in LALALAND!!!
Can't wait!!!

1 Comment:

paige said...

It's so interesting to see your fresh take on a neighborhood I used to live. You're pictures are reminding me of 10 years ago!!!

I cannot wait to see you! Tomorrow night, yes?!! Mexican Dinner! My treat!!


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