Friday, January 12, 2007

LA Trip : Day10- Venice Beach

I went to Santa Monica again.
I visited very lovely shop : Michaels !!
Painting materials sold in this shop are very cheap.
The price of painting materials of Japan might be too expensive!!

Lunch ate kebab with SantamonicaPlace.
It frequently eats the meat of the ram in Sapporo where I live.
However, I heard that the American hardly ate the meat of the ram.
and it was eaten only in the shop of the Indian restaurant or the Mongolian restaurant.

It went to Venice Beach in the evening.
There were a lot of people who sold the art of the picture etc. on the beach because it was Sunday today.
However, when we arrived, the preparation of closing the store was done because it was cold.
I will visit Los Angeles again in summer.
At that time, it can meet the artist to the work a lot.

and these are today's my take....

Okay Thank you for seeing my LA trip report!
I must back to Japan tomorrow.
Thank you very much for the many many kindness!!
I will back to Los Angeles (San Diego) in July!!
See you!!


paige said...

Marty (and Kiyo too!) It was so very, VERY nice to see and visit the two of you. You guys are so sweet and fun and just a pleasure to get to know! Your art always makes me smile too.

Looking forward to seeing you in the summer, Marty. AND, Kiyo, I hope to see you soon too...maybe next January?!


PaintMonster said...

Hiiiiii Paige!!
Woo Hoo!!
Our Winter Holiday was super wonderful and Happy days by you!!
I am happy that you become good!
It's most big present for me!!
Yes, I'll back!!
see you in summer!!

Anonymous said...

That kabob looks delicious. Great sketches for the month of January 2007. You are really cranking them out wherever you visit.

Anonymous said...

Good seeing you at Shane's session!
Kiyo, too!
My calendar is proudly hanging by my computer and my Uni Prockey pen goes with me wherever I go (it's a very nice pen!)

Sorry I did not visit more!
Wonderful sketches!

- Corbett

PaintMonster said...

Thank you for the comment!!
I want to meet you!!!!
do you plan to go to SDCC2007?

Thank you very much!!!
and welcome! hahahah
I will make Online Japanese Art Supplies shop soon!!
you can buy Prockey and more supplies for your comics!!
when update, I will infomation on this blog!!

Breadwig said...

Why is it I love your food court and restaurant sketches so much? This one is no exception!


PaintMonster said...

Thank you for the comment Bryan!
hehehe I love food and food sketch!!


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