Thursday, October 22, 2009

Autumn US Tour 2009 [day00]

'Three Apples’ Exhibit Celebrates All Things Hello Kitty For 35th Anniversary running from October 23 to November 15 at Royal/T in Culver City, CA. I visited America because I had been invited to VIP party of this show.

I decided the visit to America one week ago. Therefore, it was not a situation in which the air ticket and the stay destinations were able to be chosen. However, it managed to obtain the airline ticket. (Special Thanks for my Great Manager : Kiyo!!)

It drew because there was a small bird at Narita's waiting time though it was an airport.

It's the morning about 10:30 that I arrived at Los Angeles. The passport control and Baggage Claim were very smooth this time.

The hotel is a Figueroa hotel in the downtown. I haven't seen you for a long time. This hotel is used well as location with the movie and the TV drama in the indoor scene of an ethnical style.

The seat monitor of the airplane was out of order. In addition, four children were in a front seat.And, with the man of the left and lights the reading light. I was not able to sleep for that. Therefore, when it reached the hotel in Los Angeles at last, it took a nap at once for two hours.

It's a hamburger if i's said the United States after all.If it doesn't first eat this hamburger, English cannot be spoken well.
I ordered the fish dish and the salad. The half size of the United States is a full size of Japan. ummmmm....

Supper was finished, and I moved to the Culver city by taxi. The time required and the charge are almost proportional to the taxi of Los Angeles. It was almost 20 dollars because the time required to the destination was 20 minutes this time.

Here is the first maid cafe in the west coast. Terribly cute girls were very kind.
The outside of the hall and the inside had come until the person overflowed!

The organizer said, "More people come to the public opening".
The number of exhibitions is about 80 works. It became very good study for me.

Moreover, the layout and the exhibition method of the hall became references very much.
Some sculptures were exhibited. This work was very popular especially.

Artist's individuality is demonstrated enough as for any work. It is a really happy show.

The work of three people from my town Sapporo had been exhibited.
Yumiko Kayukawa

Great! already SOLD OUT!!

and Akiko Masuda of my apprentice

She participated in the art show in foreign countries for the first time. and....Sold Out!!

This is mine. this is acrylic on canvas / 36x36inches

and it's also mine. Acrylic Paint on Resin and Poly Putty / 5inches(without balloon Kitty Part)

Neither is sold all. Please buy it by all means!!!

Three shots that have not sold yet...

Bobby Chiu / Martin Hsu / Marty Ito
A lot of people of such a fashion also had come to the hall.

After all, a real doll has power!! I want to ask the people of a real doll for the model of the sketch.
I entered VIP room. It met Yoshiki of X-Japan.

The owner of Royal-T introduced a lot of collectors.

The first red carpet!!! hehehehe

There was no composure that straightened the collar because it was not accustomed.

It is a limited souvenir at VIP night.
It seems to be ThreeApple limitation by all the 35th anniversary.

There was "Book (selection catalog by the curator)" in the inside, too!!

I wanted to see this very much!! Only the sculpture of two works was published.

I met some great artists!

hehehe Ib got GaryBaseman's drawing!! YAY!!

I was very fun this night!!! Thank you very much everybody!! especially Jamie of JapanL.A. (Curator of this show)
as for tomorrow, I'll go to Glendale for lunch with NeoPets friends!!!
See You Tomorrow!!

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that is AMAZING, Marty!


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