Friday, October 23, 2009

Autumn US Tour 2009 [day01]

I plan to meet with Neopets friends today.

my lodging is location in downtown this time.
It is possible to go from Hollywood to Glendale by one bus. However, it is necessary to change a few buses from the downtown to Glendale.

This town is a spectacle that is done the division maintenance well and is very beautiful.
We ate lunch in Mexican in a big shopping mall named Americana. Everyone did a lively, happy conversation always.

Shane is always doing the drawing. He was drawing even in the paper place mat of the table.

I returned to Americana after the meal. And, I drank coffee while reading. I have inadvertently dozed because it is very warm.
I wanted to go to the gallery in Glendale. However, it was not possible to go because the bus had not come.

A lot of pumpkins were sold! Because it soon will be Halloween!!
An orange pumpkin make me happy feelings.

I ask to shop guy "May I take a picture?" I took a picture a lot because I had answered, "Of course". hehehe

These small pumpkins were the loveliest series.

I only went to Glendale and came back. However, when having returned, 8 PM had been passed.

Supper tonight ate a breast of the chicken and hot Sand of beef with Deli of Ralph 's.
I do not think that the amount is too large. However, it was not able to eat everything completely. Has my stomach become small?

It was scheduled to go to the gallery in Glendale in today's schedule and to do business. However, the connection of the bus was not able not to go well and to go. And, it was not possible to go to the Kitty show. It is regrettable.
I will go to the Kitty show of Royal-T again tomorrow, and go to the gallery show of MonkyHouse after that.
The number of buses decreases on Saturday.
It is necessary to do an efficient plan because length-of-stay is short this time.

I'll participate to "Vintage poster show" in Los Angeles in end of this year.

See you tomorrow!



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