Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Three Apples (an exhibition celebrating Hello Kitty)

Three Apples (an exhibition celebrating Hello Kitty) will be holding in 23th/October to 15th November at Los Angeles / U.S.A.
When I visited Los Angeles in summer, the participation offer of this show was received. Then, I exhibited the canvas work painted with the acrylic color and the sculpture made with the resin and poly putty.
These works can be seen in the exhibition. There is no publishing permission in the photograph to our regret yet. Therefore, after the 23rd, the photograph will be able to be shown. sorry!

The participating artist to this show has already been announced. Akiko Masuda and I participate from my studio. And, participation has been decided to Yumiko Kayukawa from Sapporo. It is very glad that three artists in the same town can meet in Los Angeles!!

VIP party is held on the night of the day before the public. A lot of artist friends of me are participating. I might be able to meet popular artists in the west coast such as Gary Baseman,Amanda Visell and Simone Legno, etc..
The Exhibit hall is Royal/T. it is very hot and popular spot in Los Angeles area now. haha and It's Maid Cafe... as for me, it's first experience to visit Maid Cafe!!

I am staying in Los Angeles on 22nd/Oct to 27th/oct.
Somebody be able to meet me?
my Phone# is ...
Three,two,three - three,seven,seven - two,two,two,one
Please call me anytime!! please call me anytime!!
Let's drinking and drawing with me!!


Tammy said...

hi... i saw some amazing pieces of art at this Three Apples event at Royal T (via someone's twitter). I was wondering if you would be able to help me located the artist or if there is any way I can purchase these pieces. I live in northern california and wouldn't be able to make it to the event. I'd love to support these wonderful works of art.

what I saw:

hello kitty dressed as lady gaga, karl lagerfeld, etc.. on canvas blocks.


thank you so much! You can reach me at tammysideup@gmail.com any help is greatly appreciated!

j.etienne said...

I found your link on cosmispencil.blogspot.com
Just to let you know that the pictures posted on this blog on Thursday , August 06,2009 titled "Environnment Test : Process 02" were made by myself and taken from MY blog without any permission ("waiting for the King" page 3, posted Thursday, May 29, 2008)
etienne JUNG


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