Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Sculpture Project [day2]

as for today, I did poly putty work on the balsa wood.
this is HOLTS POLY PUTTY for car fixing!
I love this poly putty because it's so quickly harder and nice size!

at first, I put poly putty by each parts.
poly putty became hard per 4 or 5 minute. when it was harder, I just do a sanding!

It joints by the quick glue of three parts.
There are distortion and dusting because it doesn't handle the machine. However, it doesn't worry.
Handmade goodness is in the distortion!!

It jointed.
And, poly putty is piled up further and shaping.
At this point, there are a few ruggedness and small holes, etc. , too. However, it might be OK now because it corrects it when the primer is painted after this work!!

when tomorrow is fine day, I'll splay with primer.
see ya!



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