Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Sculpture Project [day5]

Hi folx, I'll report with clean up of resin sculptures.
To make the resin easy to remove from the silicon mold when reproducing with the resin, the silicon oil is sprayed.
It is no problem if it doesn't use with the silicon oil.
However, to make the mold of silicon last long, the silicon oil is important.
But, this silicon oil sheds even paints.

my favorite wax remover is Asahipen Wax Remover "WAX-tori". it's really awesome remover! it's very easy to use for wax remove. Moreover, because it is a neutral, the earth is not damaged with the person.

I removed 50 pieces all. My hands became clean up with removing Resin Sculpture.

left : replicated resin model
center: sketch of basic model
right : original sculpture

I'll start to paint with primer next time.
I want to paint for sculptures!!!
see ya!



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