Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Sculpture Project [day4]

Hi Folks, How are you?
Oh kay I'll continue the posting!

I'll continue the reporting by
made with silicon mold today.
at first, added particle line line on original model.

By the way, the frame is a plastic block special for molding.
It can removes easier than Lego.

clay work was done, and I poured the silicon to frame.
The ruggedness is put on clay with the top end of a pole so that the mold may prevent the gap.
The silicon is harder 1g per main silicon 100g.
It takes about 24 hours until completely hardening though liquidity will stop in about 1 hour.

I think that you have already noticed.
The type of silicon will make single-unit in 2 days.

Yes. Both finally silicon molds were completed. It is glad somehow.
The reproduction single-mindedly work after this.

The resin was poured in silicon mold.
The resin of 44g per 1 sculpture is needed for this work.
The mixture ratio of resins is 1:1. The resin of 22g is quick mixed respectively and it pours it in the silicon mold. This resin generates heat up to about 80 degrees while mixed. And, it stiffens at about 5 minutes. Therefore, I must work very quickly.

Thus, I reproduced 30 pieces today. I'll adjust the limitation first time number to 50 pieces this time. Therefore, it is necessary to reproduce 20 pieces more!

in next time, I'll clean resin sculpture and add primer.
see ya!



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