Monday, June 21, 2010

New Sculpture Project [day3]

Sorry for the stopped report of my nu sculpture project.
Other work of me was busy. However, I spread the primer on this sculpture.
I still chose the primer for the restoration of the car. This painting is too thick for a delicate expression, because of this primer is unsuitable. However this primer is convenient. Because when small hall was done, it become invisible by this primer.

When the primer dries enough, the sanding is done. It starts and from the #400 it finishes it up by the #1000. It's almost done, but I'll put 2nd primer work. because I want to put on like a "surface of OLD MAC body" of this sculpture.

Because it was not so fine today, spreading the primer of second was stopped.
The grain of the spray grows if it spreads it on the day when humidity is too high. Therefore, I wait for fine day.

The primer of second will be spread next time. And, Mold is made from silicon.
By the way, the speed of stiffening goes up in silicon when humidity is high at the high temperature.



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