Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Start of new sculpture!

I was taking a rest from sculpture production for a while because I was busy. However, I obtained time to finally produce a new sculpture work.
As for this work, it is scheduled to reproduce with the resin, and put color with the acrylic color one by one.
It is scheduled to sell it in an online store when these are completed, and please enjoy the fabrication process until completing!

[DAY 01]
at first I did sketches...
as for this time, I am planning to make with single mold with resin.
I have actually drawn variously before these sketches. However, I will show it from this sketch this time, because there is an idea to be used next time in the sketch ;)

I think that I make the variation from paint of these. This sketch is testing for "If the ear is attached, it is sweet?" An optional, unique parts will be able to be made.

This model decided to be designed finally as a basic model. In the size, the height is about 2.5 inches.

Let's start to make!
I decided to use balsa wood. I love the balsa package of #5 by Tokyu Hands (DIY shop)!!

The block of balsa was rough shaped with QuickGlue. and cutting by knife.
Because the balsa wood is soft, the carving is easy.
after about 2hrs...

I'll post continue with next step soon!



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