Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Sculpture Project [day6]

It's fine day today!
At first I did white primer work. When I made original sculpture, I used gray primer. because I want to find some gap on original sculpture.
however, I used white primer this time. Primer is used to improve established of paints. Primer is used to improve established of paints.

It dries at once because the primer was thinly painted.
The following paint Gesso. It uses it like the stock solution. The stripe with the brush is seen. This stripe looks the final product as wooden.

The work of the undercoat was finally finished!!
Then, it is enjoyed color paint work!!!
First of all, the skin tone is painted.

The following paint the hair and clothes with the dry brush.

Details are drawn. It has come to be able to expect completion considerably.

In addition, details are drawn. The color paint is almost done at this stage.

and black line added! and FINISHED!!!!
the draft orange line used watercolor pencil. when paints are dried, The line disappears when rubbing with the brush to contain water.

I made friend.
I had not given them the name yet. ...ummmm

Good friend shot!

in next time, I'll make background board.
thanks for the watch my report!
see ya!



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