Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The collection of doodle "WAO 3" on sale!!

The season of "WAO" came!
WAO is a sketch collection of Marty Ito who is putting it on the market in July
every year. WAO1 and WAO2 printed only 100 books each. Therefore these have been sold out in one week.
as for WAO3, I printed 300 books how!

This "WAO3" became the full color at last.
then I can show my watercolor sketches by high quality on demand print.

The pre-release was July 17, but more than half have sold in only two days.

You can purchase WAO3 by the following link.

You can purchase WAO3 in SDCC if you go to Comic-con International in San Diego (SDCC). However, I do not have a table. I wander around the hall.
Please look for me. Perhaps I will take black hunting.
Or please look for a booth of Rajesh (EmceeONE) / Cheeks / Luca Tieri, #E2. I do a share of lodging with him.


I will visit to LosAngeles soon.
when you have a time, please meet me!!

Arrival: 20/July
Departure: 12/August

My lodging are west Hollywood.
I have no plan. Shall we go to drink together? hahaha

My Travel Phone #


Heather said...

You have a really great blog here!

PaintMonster said...

Thank you very much!!!
and I visited your blog.
you have many nice stuff!!!

8r said...

Congratulations on the book! I always enjoy stopping by your blog. Your illustrations are even more fun than ice cream!



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