Wednesday, July 25, 2007

SummerTour2007 Day6

We went out of LA at 8AM, and arrived at San Diego around 12:30PM.
I came to San Diego to participate in "Comic-con International in San Diego".
The preview night starts at 5PM today. Therefore, we should prepare the booth at a rush. Quite a lot of comic fans came though there were only three hour preview night.

The core fan comes to buy the preview night limited product, therefore they come to Comic-con the first day.
I decided also to come round friends' booths.

Louie del Carman
He does a quick draw to my guest book first every year. I love his beautiful watercolor very much!!

Robh Ruppel.
We met for the first time actually though we had already been talking by the Internet for several years.

A lot of SW characters have come to the hall because this year is an anniversary of Star Wars 30th.

Comic-Con is not only a comic or a cartoon. Game promotion is very exciting!!

I will meet a lot of friends and artist tomorrow. Enjoyment!!



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