Monday, July 23, 2007

SummerTour2007 Day4

I went to Dick Blick. It's my favorite art material shop!

and I bought Matt Varnish. Because strong ultraviolet rays of California give my work damage, I coat it with Vernish.

I stoped in DickBrick for about one hour, and it moved to Melrose.

I like design of the house in the United States.

There are a lot of favorite shops of me in Melrose.

Because I like miscellaneous goods, I like KidRobot and MunkeyKing very much.

I found the fresco of TimBiskup when I walked around at la brea / melrose.

The environment that such an art is everywhere in the town is very envied.

These are my doodles of the day!

I'll goto LACMA tomorrow!
have a nice day!!


ValGalArt said...

Oh Paint Monster, I have enjoyed seeing my city through your eyes! You are so much fun and talented! I love all the yummy food and I hope I don't gain weight looking at it all, haha! Love all of your travels and art!!!

PaintMonster said...

hehehe I love American Junk Foods!!
and I always used Bus. the, I have many waiting time. but it's not bad for me. because I can sketches!!


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