Thursday, July 26, 2007

SummerTour2007 Day7

Day2 of Comic-Con international.
I decided to do during this morning in off hours.
The time that had been enhanced by washing clothes, updating the blog, and sending information to Japan...
The hall of Comic-con is very huge. And the floor is concrete. I can't be in the hall from the opening to the close.
Because it becomes tired too much.

I can get on the trolley from the hotel at 3 minutes on foot.

I must 2 times transit. and will arrive at the convention center in about 30 minutes.
and I met many friends or artists today too.

Bobby Chiu & Kei Acedera
They are a digital artists in Canada and contract artists of Art Desk Pro. The subway sketch not to mention their arts is a masterpiece.

Rajesh: Owner of DEPTAP (online art shop)
Luca Tieri: Cheerful artist in Italy
Howerd Shum: Creator of Gun-Fu.

Stephen Silver
Character artist of loved KimPossible!

His 2D world is very beautiful. And, his picture book is very wonderful.

James Baker
He is cheerful and wonderful man!
His new work is very cute and exactly a work of feeling Doodler.

and I find PINK R2!!

It's seems like girl????

Wow! Princess Leia!!

I will meet my manager tomorrow.
and we 'll walk around in SDCC!!



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