Saturday, July 28, 2007

SummerTour2007 Day9

Perhaps it will be long day today.
Today is important for me.
Because the biggest drawing session will hold in tonight!!

I go to the convention center as usual with the trolley.
It's fine today. and very hot today!!
but...SDCC is cold like the inside of the refrigerator!!
too much cooooooold!!

I do transfer in OldTown. This station is very beautiful.
And there is not a wicket at the station of Los Angeles and San Diego.

Food and drink is expensive at SDCC. I always bought bagel sandwich and fried chicken in Ralphs.

I visited Munkey King booth.
and I met Amanda Visell!!
I loveb her arts very much!!

In addition, I went to a lot of booths. However, today's main is a drawing session at night for me. Therefore, I report on the drawing session.
I arrived about 30 minutes late. A lot of Doodler had already gathered.

I am not making a head count. However, Doodler of 200-300 had come.

I returned at 4 AM. However, a lot of people seem to have returned at 6 AM.

I sampled Maru-C magazine of Japan.
Friends who received it were very pleased.

"WAO3" of my SketchBook was very popular in Drawing Session.
WAO3 was almost sold all on this day!!

Gary Ham
He is storyboard (concept art) artist of Anastasia and TeenTitan. And, the work is being offered to the Maxmam magazine etc. He is a very popular artist in the United States.

Sue Kotowich
Her art is very cute. She is an artist active in California as the character designer.

Arberto Ruiz
He is very great artist who live in New York.
However, he always has me laugh very friendly.

Rodolphe Guenoden
His sketchbook is sold all at the usual early stage. My friend was not able to buy his sketchbook this time.

In addition, I exchanged doodles by many doodlers.
I like to talk with Doodler.
My English is very unskilled. However, a lot of Doodler hears what I speak.

It is the final day of Comic-con International tomorrow.
See you toon!


Chrissie A said...

Wonderful photos! I'm really enjoying them...I was at SDCC also; looking at the photos is like being there again. :)

PaintMonster said...

Chrissie A
Thank you very much.
wow really!! cool!
I enjoy SDCC every time too. And I will get own table next year.


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