Sunday, July 29, 2007

SummerTour2007 Day10

San Diego of today is fine weather as always.

Comic-Con International that is the festival of the comic of a maximum scale in U.S. is an end today.
Today is final day of comic-con international and Sunday. therefore, so many people came to SDCC.

I walked around in SDCC today as always.
And, I had the booth that had not been noticed.

Doug Sneyd
He is a great illustrator who drew the illustration of the PLAYBOY magazine in chiefly 50-70's.

Comic-Con International 2007 ended today. It parted reluctantly , saying that a lot of companions and "See you the next Con".
I will stay at my friend ED's house to night.
and I'll walk around in Hollywood area tomorrow.
See you!!



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